Stop! Workshop Time!

For 8 years now we’ve been working with thousands of students all across France and Belgium and we’ve always though how lucky our student actors are. Our student actors are part of a secret EITC gang, they get to work with our actors before the...

We are Pickles by EITC now!

Watch this video to know everything about the EITC, what's happening on tour, in your school, with your students.

Video made in May 2011 by Studio 80 and the EITC.

Hey teachers! Get those kids to laugh.

Hey teachers! Get those kids to laugh.

This year, we are offering you more ways to continue the EITC fun and learning in your own classrooms!

We are offering various themed exercises and activities, all which follow the curriculum in listening, reading, writing and oral...

Pickles by EITC video!

EITC is now Pickles by EITC!

video made by Cartoonbase in May 2017.

Meet our brand new cast!

Meet our brand new cast!

They are all full of talent, energy and ideas and they will rehearse for 7 intense weeks to bring to life our shows and workshops!

Ireland’s got talent

Ireland’s got talent

The casting process represents a definitive beginning for the tour. We will meet loads of young, talented actors and have to whittle it down to our chosen 12. These 12 actors will, from September, be welcomed in to the big EITC family. As always...

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