Stop! Workshop Time!

For 8 years now we’ve been working with thousands of students all across France and Belgium and we’ve always though how lucky our student actors are. Our student actors are part of a secret EITC gang, they get to work with our actors before the...

We are Pickles by EITC now!

Watch this video to know everything about the EITC, what's happening on tour, in your school, with your students.

Video made in May 2011 by Studio 80 and the EITC.

2018-2019... Ready... Set... Go!!

2018-2019... Ready... Set... Go!!

Let’s put the suncream and straw hat back in the cupboard... it’s time to get out our school bags, books and pens! But don’t worry, Pickles have everything in hand to make this school year as enjoyable as possible! Year after year, Pickles by...


Why do gherkins giggle a lot? Because they're picklish!

We're a fan of puns on this team,hence our name- Piccolo. 2 Englishmen, 2 Irishwomen- put them together and what do you get? What a pickle!

We're extremely excited for the...


The Wallace's are a group of fun, energetic and excited friends, and they are coming to a school near YOU! Lili, Ben, Dean and Matilda are trained in performance and drama and have experience in Tv, film and theatre. Immerse yourself in laughter...


Two Irishmen, a Welshwoman, and an American walk into a bar…oh, wait! that’s just the team. Besides their impeccable comedic timing, The Rabbit’s Jaws have a knack for singing musical theatre, frequenting free museums and munching on local...

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