Season 2019-2020

Season 2019-2020

Once upon a time...

Many of our best loved stories start like that… once upon a time. Pickles by EITC are passionate about stories and we have loved sharing ours with you. Through our tours, our lives, our shows we are dedicated to sharing this adventures!

So we will continue all that for the 2019/2020 season, and more!

Big Trouble in Little Barna (For pupils aged 11 to 14): A story about Rina, a young Irish girl who dreams about being a Kung Fu master and who finds herself in a whirlwind adventure! Will Rina be able to defeat the evil Big Sue and save the village? Of course she will! But, at what price?

Two Stones One Bird (For pupils aged 15 and up): Our favourite superintendent Michael O'Neill is back on stage again to wow the audience. This time, Mike must investigate the (very) suspicious death of Dublin’s national treasure, the famous Irish actor and rising Hollywood star Simon O'Donoghue. But, be careful now, appearances can be deceiving… or not!

Workshop (For all pupils, aged 11 and up): A magical moment to experience in the middle of your normal school day. Let's use theatre to explore and create silly games and creative plays. Immerse your pupils in English for 100 minutes with native English speakers.

Are we coming to your region? Of course! Now it’s up to you to check your calendar and tell us what would be the best moment for you, from the dates already available!

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Stop! Workshop Time!

For 8 years now we’ve been working with thousands of students all across France and Belgium and we’ve always though how lucky our student actors are. Our student actors are part of a secret EITC gang, they get to work with our actors before the...

We are Pickles by EITC now!

Watch this video to know everything about the EITC, what's happening on tour, in your school, with your students.

Video made in May 2011 by Studio 80 and the EITC.

Season 2020-2021

Season 2020-2021

The health crisis over the last few months has touched almost everyone in the world. Like most, Pickles was massively impacted. Our tour was abruptly stopped on the 13th of March. Once the shock of this sudden end passed we started to put in...

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