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90 mn of pure fun / Tour  2017 - 2018

For lower level students. Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary school learners.
For intermediate and advanced students. Suitable for Secondary and High school learners.

The way we run our workshops are more about practicing and listening to the language. They are not focused on one particular grammatical point but rather on the language as a whole. It is a theatre workshop run in French, that is to say, using theatre to explore and create is our main priority. Your students are taking part in a creative process that lasts 90minutes but it is 100% in French.

The general form of a workshop would go as follows:

Introduction/Warm up games/Getting to know: this part is all about getting the students comfortable with each other and our actors. A chance for them to be silly as a group and play in French.

Ramps: These are various creative exercises that will lead your students slowly in to the creative phase of the workshop. They may be based around character work, sound scapes, body language... again all is explored with our native French speaking actors

Meat: This is the part of the workshop that allows your students to be creative and create a piece of theatre in French. All the parts leading to this point are well planned and your students will feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing

Cool down: the last moments together as a group. Sharing their thoughts about the workshop and a last chance to play and have fun within the workshop setting.

The whole workshop is based on creation and fun, however, it is through the fun that your students will feel confident enough to try their French and play with their language skills. As with all projects, the higher level of French your students have the further we can explore with them but there is no expected level of French, all students can get involved!


Workshop objectives:

# Provide an alternative and fun way of presenting the French language in a school setting:

  • With young French-speaking actors
  • By bringing the students to participate: orally, alone or in a group, in the form of games or mini-plays.
  • By catering to the age and level of students

# Prove to the students that even with a reduced vocabulary, he/she is able to understand, get involved, interact and have fun. Defeat the mental block of expression and the practice of another language.

Educational objectives (being able to):

  • Understand instructions
  • Self-evaluate your French level and identify which areas need to be improved
  • Get involved in a group play
  • Offer a vocal and scenic performance in front of a group or an audience
  • Immerse yourself into French for 90 minutes with native French speakers
  • Interact, propose, chat and exchange in French in front of other students
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