Out of the Woods 

Show adapted for students aged 11 – 14 years old

Life is hard for Flick. Since the King was taken by the Dark Dog, people don’t trust each other. When she’s forced out of Stonewall, Flick makes a plan: to find the Dark Dog and prove she belongs in the city.

But life in the forest is even harder and she’ll need to learn quickly if she wants to survive.

Will she be the hero Stonewall needs or will she never come out of the woods?


Classroom Pack available from September 2024

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Show adapted for students aged 15 and over

Three actors are waiting for the director to start rehearsing, but he’s running late. The script is on the table, so why not give it a go?

This is the story of Nora and Grace. Two childhood friends who leave the countryside for the capital. Dreams in their hearts and no money in their pockets. A whole new world opens up for them : London calling.

The actors enter the stage. It’s showtime… well, almost.


Classroom Pack available from September 2024

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Our plays have been specially created for pupils learning English as a foreign language. The actors speak clearly and the plays are written to include a lot of repetition to make it easy for students to understand what is happening.

For each show we create a few small roles for students to perform. There are also other moments of interaction during the play that the whole audience can take part in. Language level isn’t a block for students to participate.

Each workshop is an exploration led by native English-speaking actors and fuelled by the dynamics of the group: exploration is encouraged, the language barrier is broken and everything becomes a reason to play and to improvise. Pure fun!

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