Gossip & Crime

For pupils aged 11 to 14
Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary school learners

It is great being the daughter of a super detective but… it is not the answer to all of life’s problems. Nicky O’Neil is desperate. Her best friend, Lauren, has gone missing and has most probably been kidnapped by an evil criminal! And what is worse? No one wants to help Nicky find Lauren!

Nicky is going to need your help to find her friend, will you be up to the job?

Will Nicky find her friend safe and sound?


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Opening Night

For pupils aged 15 and up
Suitable for Secondary and High school learners

One evening, at the Unity Theatre in Dublin, it is the opening night of a new show. The audience has come in droves to see the famous actress, Madison Reese, the talk of the town. But right in the middle of performing she falls to the floor… dead. Was it a crime or an accident?

Superintendent Mike O’Neill is in charge of the case. Backstage at the theatre, everyone seems to have an alibi!

But, we know, a criminal is at large…


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Our plays have been specially created for pupils learning English as a foreign language. The actors speak clearly and the plays are written to include a lot of repetition to make it easy for students to understand what is happening.

For each show we create a few small roles for students to perform. There are also other moments of interaction during the play that the whole audience can take part in. Language level isn’t a block for students to participate.

Each workshop is an exploration led by native English-speaking actors and fuelled by the dynamics of the group: exploration is encouraged, the language barrier is broken and everything becomes a reason to play and to improvise. Pure fun!

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Christine Beziat
Tour Coordinator

+32(0)489 90 81 45

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