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Yes. We run theatre workshops and perform shows. They are two different sorts of activities and are independent of each other. 

Yes! We adapt our workshops so that they are suitable for all ages and English levels. If asked in advance, we are also able to adapt our workshops to focus on a specific theme (Shakespeare, ecology, travel, etc..) 

Yes, our junior show is specifically written for students aged between 11 and 14.
Both of our plays have been specially created for pupils learning English as a foreign language. The main difference between the two shows is the plot. Younger students don’t have the same interests as older ones.
The actors speak very clearly and the play is written to include a lot of repetition to make it easy for students to understand what is happening. There is also a lot of visual action so that even if students haven’t understood all the dialogue, they are still able to follow the story.

Yes, our senior show is specifically written for students aged 15 and up. 

So that your students can get the most out of the shows, we highly recommend that you prepare them with the documents provided beforehand. Though if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to the project, your students will still be able to enjoy the shows. 

You can download and print the preparation material (Classroom Pack) directly from our website. 

The Classroom Pack is designed to help students follow the plot of the play and to improve their understanding of the language used. The teacher should distribute and discuss this material with students before the show. A particular emphasis should be given to the vocabulary, pronunciation and the meaning of words and phrases. The more familiar the students are with these, the greater their enjoyment of the play will be.

Yes, for each show we create a few small roles for students to perform (around 6 roles per play). There are also other moments of interaction during the performances that the whole audience can take part in. 

All student roles must be filled. Sometimes there are not enough volunteers and the teacher must choose students to be their actors. Other times there are too many volunteers and the teacher must make a choice: it’s a good idea to organise auditions in this case.  

The roles must be given before our visit so that our actors have plenty of time to prepare with the students before the show. These students do not need to know their role by heart, they can keep their script with them on stage. 

All our actors are used to communicating with teenagers who are not native english speakers. This means that the student actors don’t need to be the students with the best English level – motivation is much more important to us! Language level shouldn’t be a block for students to participate.

On the day of the performance, before the show, our actors spend around 30 minutes rehearsing with the student actors. They go over their scenes together and give tips and tricks to help make their performance more believable. The actors also explain to the students when they need to come on stage and where to position themselves. And above all, through games and theatre exercises, the actors help the students to feel more confident and ready to give it their all on stage! We know it’s daunting for teenagers to perform in front of their classmates – but it’s also an exhilarating experience! 

During the performance, the student actors are seated in the front row of the audience, in order of their appearance on stage. This makes it easier for them to come on stage when it’s their turn and to continue enjoying the show once they’ve performed. 


Yes! We will adapt ourselves to your school’s facilities. We just need a large area to set up our stage and perform in, roughly six by four meters. This space could be a gymnasium, a canteen, a large classroom or the school hall. 

Our preference is to perform in a space that is bigger in width than in length, especially in a small room. This way no student is too far away from the stage. 

We also need a small changing room close to the “stage”. 

Download the technical requirements

If you are able to have us perform in a “real” theatre space, we would be delighted to use the stage and the stage lights already set up. If this is the case, a technician who knows the theatre will be required on the day that we arrive. This is so that we are made aware of any specific instructions relating to the theatre. 

We perform in these countries: Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Italy and Spain. If your country is not mentioned in the list above but you want to book us, contact us and we will see if it’s possible to perform in your region. 

As much as one year in advance! We publish our tour calendar the spring before the following school year. Our tour planning is decided in advance where periods of the tour are dedicated to certain regions, we highly recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to have the biggest choice in dates. 

Yes, we can organise up to 3 activities in one day, whether that be shows or workshops. If you wish to organise more than 3 activities, we can come to your school on more than one day, they don’t necessarily need to be consecutive days. 

No, we come equipped with our own material that we can instal quickly and easily. 
Our material consists of a black curtain that gives our stage space a neutral background, lights and a sound system.
All that we need from the school in terms of material is: 1 table (a school table that seats two students), 6 chairs and easy access to electrical plugs (3 different points). 

General information: 

  • Up to 3 activities possible in the same school on the same day. 
  • If you wish to have more than 3 activities, there is the possibility to perform in your school across multiple days 
  • It is free for chaperones (teachers, supervisors, etc.) 
  • Travel costs: 50€  (return journey per day) 

Show rates: 

  • 9€ per student 
  • Minimum 60 students per performance (recommended maximum 130 students / performance)
  • Length of the show: 60 minutes 

Workshop rates: 

  • 540€ 
  • 30 students  
  • Length of the workshop: 100 minutes

Length of the show: 60 minutes 

70 minutes before the show: the team (3 actors and one tour manager) arrive and set up for the show. 

40 minutes before the show: our actors meet your student actors (rehearsal time and a warm up.) 

5 minutes before the show: the audience arrives (under the surveillance of the teachers and/or supervisors) 


60 minutes after the show: The show is over. 

Feel free to ask your students to prepare some questions for our actors, there is always a Q&A session after the show! 

Length of the workshops: 100 minutes  

20 minutes before the workshop: The team (3 actors and one tour manager) arrive. 

10 minutes before the workshop: The actors meet the students who will participate in the workshop (30 students max.) 

There will be a small introduction by the team.  


100 minutes after the workshop: the Workshop ends.

If our actors are lucky enough to spend a whole day in your school, with various shows/workshops, they would be delighted to share lunch with you in the school canteen or to have some tips on where to find food in the area around your school! 


We perform plays and run workshops in English for students learning English as a foreign language.
We tour all over France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain.
We run very lively workshops and perform shows with songs, dancing and most importantly, audience participation. Students are able to understand and enjoy the show, regardless of their level of English.
We stand at the crossroads between theatre and education. We offer interactive shows in a level of English catered to secondary school students since 2008.


Theatre is an activity that teaches young people the value of teamwork and builds relationships. With Pickles by EITC, interaction is everything: the audience and the actors react and relate to each other.  

Our activities create a bond between the actor and the audience and, through a shared experience, strengthens social cohesion among the students. 

Acting is a fun way to practise a language – there are many benefits: 

  • It motivates language learning, pupils love it
  • It adds variety to lessons
  • It promotes fluency: pupils understand and retain the language more easily
  • It introduces pupils to different cultures
  • It provides a platform for cross-curricular work
  • It sets up good language learning practises

Pupils enjoy themselves just as much as they would if the show was in their native language. The play inspires and encourages them to communicate in a different language. 

They learn to value their own contribution and to better understand their role within a group. Even shy children can enjoy performing when they’re pretending to be someone else! 

Yes. We work solely with English speaking actors but with very different origins: from New Zealand to the USA, passing by Ireland of course, and the United Kingdom. We’ve even had actors from South Africa, Canada and more…

Because we LOOOOOOVVVEEE pickles!! We are all very greedy people and they are our favourite snack. 


Please contact us by email at info@eitc.fr

Our plays have been specially created for pupils learning English as a foreign language. The actors speak clearly and the plays are written to include a lot of repetition to make it easy for students to understand what is happening.

For each show we create a few small roles for students to perform. There are also other moments of interaction during the play that the whole audience can take part in. Language level isn’t a block for students to participate.

Each workshop is an exploration led by native English-speaking actors and fuelled by the dynamics of the group: exploration is encouraged, the language barrier is broken and everything becomes a reason to play and to improvise. Pure fun!


Contact us

Christine Beziat
Tour Coordinator

+32(0)489 90 81 45

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