How much?

  • Up to 3 activities possible in the same school on the same day.
  • There is the possibility to perform in your school across multiple days if you wish to have more than 3 activities.
  • It is free for the chaperones (teachers, supervisors, etc.)
  • Travel costs: 50€  (return journey per day)

Show rates:

  • 7€ per student.
  • Minimum: 60 students per performance (recommended maximum 130 students / performance)
  • Length of the show: 60 minutes.

Workshop rates:

  • Price - 500€
  • Two 90-minute workshops that run at the same time in 2 separate rooms.
  • Each workshop is run by 2 actors
  • 20 students maximum per workshop, which makes a maximum of 40 students in total.
    If the group is bigger than 20 students it makes it very difficult for each student to actively engage with the workshop.
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